About me

Walker Barnes was born in Tampa, Florida, and is the oldest of three boys. He grew up in a creative and art-filled environment in which he was always encouraged to try new things. At age ten, he and his younger brother each were given a small video camera, which opened the door to the new and unexplored world of film.

Walker attended the University of Florida, where he pursued a degree in pre-law criminology along with a minor in philosophy. During his time at UF, he continued his love for acting by becoming part of the improvisational program and by taking a number of drama classes. He also started a sketch and writing club his junior year with several friends. Upon graduation, Walker made the decision to put his law school aspirations on the back burner to pursue his life-long dream of becoming an actor.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Walker has had success in both acting and modeling. This past December, he was selected to represent the United States in a world-wide modeling competition held in Poland, which was watched by over 15 million people across the globe. More recently, he has found success in playing the lead in several short films and commercials, ranging from dramatic to purely comedic. Currently, Walker continues to hone his craft at The Anthony Meindl Studio twice a week. He has been trained in various film techniques, including on-camera, cold reading, commercial and improvisational. When Walker is not writing or acting, he enjoys hobbies that test his physical abilities such as hiking, rock climbing, weight lifting and swimming.